Informed Decisions Through Medication Monitoring

Ensuring Prescriber and Patient Confidence

Today’s prescribers require diagnostic solutions that improve clinical management of patients. AccessDX is a leading diagnostic and medical decision support company dedicated to providing practitioners with medication monitoring. To achieve this, AccessDX uses the latest drug screening technologies that confirms patient compliance with drug regimens, detection of medication duplications (e.g., opiates) and detection of illicit drug use. Used in combination with our pharmacogenomics testing, medication monitoring enables the optimization of drug dosing and the minimization of drug interactions.

AccessDX Urine Drug Testing (UDT) Medication Monitoring includes:

  • Baseline testing for new patients, patients initiating opioid therapy, patients on long-term, chronic therapy and random drug testing when appropriate and medically necessary

  • Confirmatory testing for positive baseline testing results, revealing abnormalities in drug metabolism and exposing inconsistencies between desired treatment outcomes and current patient response

  • High-complexity testing with high-performance, LC/MS (liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry) technique to ensure the highest level of sensitivity and specificity

  • Highly-accurate, clinically relevant reports delivered through a secure online portal for rapid results and quick treatment decisions

  • Credentialed staff of technologists and PharmDs in a CLIA-certified, high-complexity lab

The Benefits of Medication Monitoring

We understand the risks—to both prescriber and patient—associated with medications that are not taken as prescribed. By partnering with AccessDX for medication monitoring, prescribers will receive clinical data that ensures:

  • Improved patient compliance and outcomes

  • Informed support of treatment decisions for proper and effective medication dosing

  • Lowered rate of prescription drug misuse to increase patient safety and mitigate prescriber liability

Medication Monitoring Testing Approach Through UDT

We recognize how important easy to read, accurate, and timely reporting is to clinic flow and patient care. The results of samples that undergo screening and confirmatory testing will be reported in a single Summary of Findings Page.

Summary is broken up into 3 categories:

  • Consistent because prescribed medications were detected
  • Inconsistent because medications were prescribed, but not detected
  • Inconsistent because unprescribed medications or illicit substances were detected

All samples received by AccessDX that undergo Screening will also undergo validity testing (creatinine, gravity, pH and Oxidants) to confirm that the sample has not been adulterated or diluted.